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Final Inspection

Quality Assurance

Our output is 100% for export, so our products undergo strict inspection before shipment.

Our QC technicians inspect the production strictly with their 10 years' experience. Moreover, we are also pay much attention to the environmental standard and physical testing requirement for the products. SGS or ITS certificate report could be provided if required by our clients.




Quality Factors

Rohoo has documented a quality manual that states the quality management system of the organization. Management establishes a documented quality plan setting out the specific quality practice, resources required and the sequence of activities relevant to particular product.



Rohoo has own calibration laboratory. Before using any instructions,  they are calibrated as per the international standards.

Quality Control

There are quality checks at every stage of manufacturing  starting from Raw Cotton, Yarn, Fabric, Processing, Cutting,  Stitching and Packing. Before the fabric is cut, it is checked  whether it conforms to the customers’ standards of  shrinkage, finished g/cm2 etc.

Correction & Prevention

Rohoo has a very strong corrective and preventative action plan. Rohoo has centralized the corrective action and controls  the non-conformity arising in the system. If necessary the  relevant person immediately takes the corrective action.  For preventative action, the department head keeps the record.  Electronic records are kept by the Information Technology  Department.

ISO department provides a management system at Rohoo, which  is free of non-conformance. The department has training system  that creates awareness of Total Quality Management System  (TQM). All the departments and people at all levels are involved  in this program. Rohoo has a team of qualified and certified  auditors who would check, improve and ensure the consistency  in the system.




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